Sometimes a product comes along that is so simple, and yet so incredibly advanced that it changes the way we approach and feel about certain things.

Personally, I have no reservation in admitting that I’m what you call a “fair weather cyclist”. Sure we all prefer to cycle in glorious sunshine but I admit to shirking my cycling duties in the colder months, opting for running and and indoor roller training instead.

Until now.

I recently acquired the sensational Climb & Conquer Winter Jacket, some Orkaan Winter Bib Tights and I’ve been perfectly content in sub 5 degree temperatures with the rain pouring down.

Or at least my body has. My head, and ears… not so much.

The great thing about being in this position is I can actually do something about it!…

Introducing the Orkaan Head & Ear Protector

orkaan head and ear protector reflectiveConstructed from a fabric that is waterproof, wind proof and yet breathable, the Orkaan one size skull cap comes loaded with a brushed thermal lining for luxurious comfort and even a super reflective strip along the front for added safety.

The really great thing about this hat is it is so light and comfortable. It quietly stops water and wind getting anywhere close to your head but you won’t know it’s there. Pure class.

Despite it’s seemingly simplistic form, this garment is one of our most prized products here on stolen goat and it complements the Orkaan weatherproof range beautifully.