Back in January when I first walked around the Bio Racer factory in Belgium, they showed me their new Pixel fabric technology that they had developed and started using in anger. At the time we were supposed to be discussing summer jerseys but they were planting a seed in my head.

It worked.

A cycling retailer loves the spring and summer, but the winter months can be hard work. stolen goat is no different. But perversely I have actually been looking forward to the onset of winter this year as I knew our autumn, winter and early spring cycling clothing would feature some jaw dropping technology. Our new Climb & Conquer Winter Cycling Jackets feature a lot of this technology and are now available to pre-order here.

But first check out a video of them in action in pitch black night. Then scroll down for some details on what this high tech fabric actually is…

Bio Racer Pixel Fabric – What is it?

The Pixel Fabric is actually comprised of three different layers:

  • Layer #1 is a breathable inner layer that wicks moisture away from the body.
  • Layer #2 – the central layer provides a shield against cold and wind.
  • Layer #3 is the outer layer that uses small dots, or pixels, to provide super reflectivity for maximum visibility in the dark.

The innovative fabric comes in 2 varieties – Pixel 75 which is 75% wind proof – ideal for spring jackets and Pixel 100 which (as you may have guessed) is 100% wind proof for cold winter protection.

The combination is a breathable wind proof layer that is extremely visible in low and dark light when a car or other light source shines on it. During the bright light of day, you wouldn’t even know that the reflectivity is there! Very smart.

How is it used?

It can be used in any number of garments from cycling jackets to gilets to bib tights & shorts to arm warmers. Best of all it can be printed on like normal fabric so can be easily combined with custom team-wear.

Here at stolen goat we’ll be using it in our winter cycling jackets, gilets, thermal bib tights and waterproof ss jerseys!