Around about this time last year we started stocking Retro Image Apparel jerseys. I decided to stock them quite simply because I liked the look of them and the quality was high.

I had no idea how popular they would prove to be.

What I didn’t know is that a few months prior, the owner – Roger Mallette – had tragically died very suddenly. I was stocking my jerseys from a European distributor so I was sheltered from the news.

I found out at a bike show when randomly speaking to someone from the industry from Portland, Roger’s home town. I was shocked and saddened and I wondered what would become of this young but blossoming company.

Sure enough the company imploded on itself as internal battles kicked off and various people did various unscrupulous things. I’m not here to tell tales or point fingers. They know who they are.

After a while I befriended Roger’s sister – Nicole – on Facebook. She kindly reached out to us as she liked the way we were promoting the Retro brand. She told me a little of the internal struggles and more importantly that the family was starting a fresh…

And just like that Retro Image Apparel 2 has formed and they have managed to retain all their main artwork licences and have some new exciting ones on the way.

So I’m very pleased and excited to be able to once more start stocking this wonderful collection of iconic jerseys. We have more choice than ever before and we have jerseys for men and women. You can find them on the Retro Image Apparel page.