Salice are making serious waves in the performance sunglasses scene this year. They have received rave reviews from Cycling Plus magazine, Bike Radar and beyond.

Knowing this, and armed with the knowledge that pro cycle team Lampre Merida exclusively use Salice shades you’d be forgiven for thinking that they were priced in the same ball park as Oakleys or Rudy Project.

Especially when you discover that Salice sunglasses are designed and manufactured in Italy whereas their competitors choose cheaper, high volume manufacturing processes in China.

But Salice have taken the smart approach to their pricing and made them accessible to the masses looking for high performing cycling sunglasses. In fact their shades are nearly half the price of the competitors!

Needless to say we are big fans. Which is why we stock many variants of 3 of the Salice models the 006, 011 and 004. If Salice has one weakness – clearly they are not snappy marketing types when it comes to naming the models – but who are we to judge!

Which Salice model is right?

So you’ve decided that your performance sunglasses are going to come from Salice. Good choice. Now which model to choose?

The first thing to say is that they all come with spare lenses and a case and are all made to perform exceptionally well. Here at stolen goat we offer 90 day quibble free returns, so quite simply – if it doesn’t fit or look as you want – send it back for a refund or replacement.

Salice 006

Salice 006 rw black rw black cycling sunglasses

The Salice 006 was the best selling model last year. It is the frame of choice of various pro teams. It has a fairly wide frame so if you have a particularly narrow head then it probably isn’t for you.

Salice 004

Salice 004 rw white-red rw red cycling sunglasses

The Salice 004 is a much more narrow fit than the 006. With the super flexible frame it’s an excellent choice for anyone who either has a slimmer head or also does running such as triathletes and obviously – runners!

Salice 011

Salice 011 cycling sunglasses rw green rw green

The Salice 011 is their hero product for 2014. It is the model that received such high appraisal from Cycling Plus and BikeRadar. Whilst the fit is similar to the 006 it has an all new lightweight slimline frame.

What if I break my Salice Sunglasses?

Here at stolen goat we have the Goat Protection Plan. It’s free of charge and simply means that if you buy anything covered by the plan through us, we will give you a hefty discount on a replacement should you accidentally damage them.

All sunglasses and helmets are covered by the plan.

Where to buy Salice Sunglasses?

We currently stock Salice 006, 004 and 011 right here.