Introducing the Stolen Goat Protection Programme

There are certain products in cycling which cost a fair amount and are prone to accidental damage. Bike frames, sunglasses and helmets immediately come to mind. If you have a crash you’ll probably wreck all three. If you’re a donut you might sit on your favourite Italian sunglasses. If you’re anything like my friend Andrew, you will regularly come off the bike and crack your helmet.

It’s like this. We all want the best that we can afford but if we are scared of wrecking the product and losing all our money then it makes it a risky business investing in high end products.

Manufacturer Replacement Discounts

Certain manufacturing brands will offer you a discount on replacing a crashed helmet. It’s a noble gesture but unfortunately it has several disadvantages:

  1. Typically, you have to replace like for like
  2. You have to do it via the manufacturer not the retailer where you actually bought it from
  3. It can take a long time for the discount to be cleared by the powers that be.

As both a retailer, and a consumer this doesn’t quite seem enough to me. I don’t expect the manufacturer to do anything more than this. At the end of the day, they needn’t do this at all. But the practicality of the logistics make it less appealing. To leverage the discount you will have to deal with the manufacturer and prove to them where you bought it from etc. Clunky.

Stolen Goat Protection Programme

I’m happy to be proved wrong on this, but as far as I know there are no major retailers in the cycling sector offering replacement discounts for accidental damage.

So Stolen Goat is stepping up to the plate.

It goes like this – you crash your helmet and we’ll give you a discount on a replacement. Same goes for sunglasses and other products that may fall into this type of category. In fact, you needn’t have a crash, we’ll offer you the same discount if you so much as sit on your favourite shades. We will cover you for any form of accidental damage – however stupid!

Further more – we won’t confine you to like for like. You can leverage the same discount for an upgrade or even “downgrade”. So long as it’s in the same category (e.g. sunglasses for broken sunglasses or helmets for a broken helmet) it’s applicable.

As our range expands so do your choices. If we don’t have exactly what you want we can order it in for you.

Further Details

We are proud to be a retailer offering you this sort of peace of mind. If others in the industry shortly follow suit then all the better. There is absolutely no reason why a retailer shouldn’t offer this. See here to read more about our Stolen Goat Protection Programme.