Popular products at The London Bike Show

It’s been a few days now since returning from the hustle and bustle of the London Bike Show. I’m starting to recover from the insanity that is the pack down on the final day. The London Bike Show really isn’t designed to be done by just one man – next year I am definitely taking more back up. Thank you to those who came and helped me.

These kind of shows are an excellent opportunity for me to get a different perspective on the business and indeed my customers. Yes, it’s an opportunity to sell some products and it’s very useful for reaching out to a new audience. But mostly I enjoy watching people interact with the stand, the products and indeed the brand. Engaging with existing and new customers is a real joy for me as typically my only channel for doing so is via email.

So thanks to everyone who stopped to have a chat. Even if you didn’t buy anything.

Popular Products

Other than the shows, all our sales come through this website. Yes I have a good handle on popular products but it’s fascinating to see people interact with products in a real environment where they can physically touch what’s on offer.

Here is a short list of the most popular products on our stand at the London Bike Show (popular meaning purchased, tried on, enquired about and so on)…

Speedy Bike Club LS Jersey by Twin Six

Twin Six The Speedy Amsterdam front long sleeve

This long sleeve jersey, with its microfibre lining and eye catching styling was a massive hit with the London Bike Show audience. Everyone who walked past stopped to have a look and physically touch the lining. It is a real thing of beauty and distinction and an excellent purchase for early spring. Sadly we only have a few left now.

Find it here.

High Viz Fusion Thermal Jacket by Primal

primal fusion high viz jacket rear

This jacket carries just the right amount of High-Viz-Ness. Eye catching and yet stylish, the reflective banding made it pop at the show as it will on the road. The thermal yet breathable lining give it a luxurious feel despite the price tag. This was by far the most tried on jacket at the show for us. Loved by men and women alike.

Get more info on the Fusion High Viz here.

Pink Floyd Body Art Jersey by Primal

Primal Pink Floyd Body Art Jersey Front

This jersey was easily our best seller at the show. What I found personally surprising was that lots more women than men actually picked it up off the rail. Everybody loved it and plenty bought it. Luckily we have this product well stocked.

See the Pink Floyd Body Art Jersey here

Stolen Goat T-Shirts


We had an entire clothing rail dedicated to our very own T-Shirts and they proved to be very popular indeed.

The most popular was the adventure blue variant of On A Mission, followed by the smoke variant of GOATIVATION followed by the Daring Orange variant of On A Mission.

See all the Stolen Goat T-Shirts here.

Best of the rest

walz cap grey brown tweed wool racing stripe

The products that received most interest after these top performers were the other jerseys from Twin Six, followed by the Black Label Edition jerseys by Primal followed by the vast array of Walz Caps that we had on offer.

What was missing

People requested more female specific clothing and a lot of people asked for kids clothing. Well, we have already signed up for next year’s London Bike Show so plenty of time to sort those requests out ;-)