Early Spring Cycling Kit Essentials

What’s the best cycling kit to buy in early spring?

The Sun is shining but there’s still a cold snap in the air and the wind is never far away. One day it may be dry – the next day rain hammers down.

So what’s the best cycling kit to buy at this time of year? Let’s take a look at some sensible purchases and see what’s on offer right here at Stolen Goat

Cycling Jackets

primal fusion high viz jacket rear

A good quality cycling jacket is by far the best place to invest your money. Choose one that is breathable and you have an item of clothing that will be usable for 3 seasons of the year in the UK. Choose one that is waterproof and you have a jacket that keeps you warm as well as dry – and all of a sudden you can laugh in the face of weather.

I hate jackets that induce boil in the bag syndrome where you get soaked from the inside out from sweat. So quite simply – we don’t stock them.

Yesterday it was actually quite mild and dry so I wore a base layer and a Primal Fusion Thermal Jacket. I was never once uncomfortable other than the pain my lack of fitness caused me. Warm but never hot.

The Fusion Jacket is available in High Viz (pictured) and black.

If you want a breathable, waterproof, windproof, bad ass solution – check out the Paradigm jacket. You’ll never look back!

See all our cycling jackets here.

Long Sleeve Jerseys

Twin Six The Speedy Amsterdam front long sleeve

Another good combo this time of year is a base layer, long sleeve jersey and a packable jacket or gilet.

The long sleeve jerseys from Twin Six have a lush microfibre lining that feels warm and soft on the skin but does an excellent job of wicking moisture at the same time. Available in Amsterdam (pictured) and black.

For the mountain bikers

If you like to ride off road then the Repack Berino is a wonderful jersey that we have championed for well over a year now. Constructed from a bamboo/merino blend it has superior thermal regulating properties. An excellent purchase.

Cycling Caps

walz cap Share The Road main

Stick a cycling cap under your helmet and you’ve got something that looks sharp, keeps you warm, wicks sweat and keeps that low sun out of your eyes.

See our complete range of cycling caps here.


Route Clothing Mens Bicycle T-Shirt Cotton Black

Not for cycling – but for showing the office / high street / pub / coffee shop / couch your cycling allegiance and for demonstrating that spring is damn sure on the way.

Check out our range of cycling inspired t-shirts here.