Thankfully the last week or so here has been pretty dry. Dry but cold. These are absolutely perfect conditions for the Primal Fusion Thermal Jacket, so I decided to put one through its paces.

The jacket is available in black and also high viz. I personally tested the black version but they are the same jacket – just different colour combos.

Fusion Thermal Jacket Features

Here is a rundown of the features…

  • Thermal construction to regulate your body temperature and keep you warm
  • Breathable
  • Reflective piping and banding for enhanced visibility
  • Three rear pockets
  • Extended rear

The High Viz version also features high viz panels and large reflective bands.

What I want from a jacket is something that keeps me warm but doesn’t make me overheat and sweat. I have to say the Fusion jacket performs remarkably well on this front. In temperatures of 2-8 degrees I can wear a baselayer and short sleeve jersey underneath and feel plenty warm enough. If you feel the cold on your arms go for a long sleeve jersey underneath or even arm warmers. 8-12 degrees and I just wear a base layer underneath. Simple.

Not once have I overheated wearing this jersey. Going up a particularly arduous climb I felt my temperature rising slightly and so just just slipped the zip down slightly and all was well.

Fit & Form

My size is normally medium and the medium Primal Fusion Jacket fits me perfectly. The arms are long enough to be pulled over gloves and the jacket is fitted meaning it doesn’t flap at all in the wind.

Like most cycling tops this has an extended rear, like all good jackets it extends down further than a jersey. At a push (or rather pull) you could probably pull it right down over you bum if you wanted to.

I’m someone who changes cycling position regularly so I was pleased that the elasticated hem is good and strong elastic so it doesn’t ride up at all.

The pockets are large and stretchy but strong. I have recently switched bikes and don’t yet have anywhere to store my tubes and pump etc so these have been slung in the rear centre pocket. I have barely noticed that they are there. The pockets don’t sag due to the excellent fit of the jacket.

The full length zip is good quality and easy to adjust on the go.


primal fusion high viz jacket beamWinter jackets have traditionally been made in black. The reason for this is that black is easy to maintain and most people like black. This year everyone is going high viz crazy. So Primal reacted by producing the High Viz version of the jacket.

The black version has reflective piping for some extra visibility in low light.

The High Viz version is well conceived – the top half is extremely bright, the bottom half is black. This means it will hide some splash marks etc so you can get a few uses out of it before washing it without looking like a filth monger.

The reflective bands do a great job of shining light straight back into your retinas. As demonstrated by James from Primal.


The Primal Fusion Thermal Jacket is a great value piece of kit that keeps you riding whatever the temperature. Its regulating features mean you can use it in Autumn, Winter and Spring making it a smart investment.

What it won’t do is protect you from the rain. If you want breathable rain proofing – try the Paradigm Jacket. If you tend to go out in the cold but dry then this is all the jacket you need.

Available here in black and here in High Viz.