Caps Not Hats! Spread the cap love with this special offer #CapsNotHats

Over the last year or so – an outrage has slowly risen amongst the cycling community. This outrage comes in the form of baseball caps being worn on the podium instead of the beloved cycling cap.

Trivial as this point may seem – the cycling cap is an iconic accessory of our sport. It is unique to our sport. No other sport or pastime uses the cycling cap.

Many people on twitter and social media are using the #CapsNotHats tag to show their support. Walz are even making a dedicated cap with a Caps Not Hats logo lovingly adorned on the bill.

We are big fans of the cycling cap so we are running a #CapsNotHats special offer…

Caps Not Hats Special Offer

For the next week you can get £10 off any item in the whole store so long as you purchase a cycling cap alongside. Here are the steps to get the offer, no clunky discount codes are required…

  1. add any of our cycling caps to your cart
  2. choose any other product from any category and add it to your cart
  3. you will see the discount automagically applied in the cart
  4. add as many items as you like and you will get £10 off each item (that isn’t a cap)
  5. Checkout and enjoy your new cap and the other item(s) you ordered
  6. Share our #CapsNotHats campaign with your friends.