I recently received a request from a Stolen Goat Facebook Fan (Mark Doak) to share his facebook page 2014 miles in 2014. I have to say, it’s not often people are so courteous about asking to share a page through your page. Normally people just spam bomb your fb page and hope that you decide to share it with your fans. Never gonna happen people – but some simple manners may just get you a long way.

The 2014 miles in 2014 concept is simple, and really doesn’t need much explaining hopefully. You attempt to travel 2014 human powered miles in this year, 2014. It can be running, swimming, walking, rowing, skateboarding and of course cycling. Or any human powered activity. Indeed I don’t think it’s a particularly original concept but that doesn’t stop me liking it.

Breaking it down

2014 miles in one year may sound daunting but when you break it down it isn’t too bad:

  • 2014 miles in one year or
  • 168 miles per month or
  • 39 miles per week or
  • 5.5 miles per day

It isn’t super endurance level but what it does take is consistency. Week in week out you need to deliver the mileage, otherwise the average required starts to drift slowly upwards. This really is a case of the tortoise beating the hare.

Reap the rewards

You can approximate one mile of cycling to around 30-40 calories (this is crude I know but this isn’t a scientific white paper). So if you manage to achieve the full 2014 miles you will have burned off between 60k and 80k calories! Or put it another way – 30-40 days worth of eating (which is equivalent to 3 days of Christmas eating).

More importantly you’ll be able to say that in 2014 you cycled 2014 miles or more. Pretty cool if you ask me. So get going :-)

Get Out And Train

If you’d like to log your miles with us then go ahead and join the Stolen Goat Strava Club – 100 GOATS. If you’d like a reminder to yourself that you should be training then why not grab a GOATIVATION T-Shirt? Available in white and smoke. Happy hunting one and all, here’s to an awesome 2014.