Stolen Goat Giving To Crisis Homeless Charity This Christmas

This weekend contains Small Business Saturday (7th December). You may or may not have heard of this – it’s a way of getting people behind small business in the UK. Stolen Goat definitely falls into the Small Business slot, we’ve only been going for a year or so and whilst we are growing we are very much small time. And happy to be so for now until our World Domination plan comes together :-)

I would really like to get behind Small Business Saturday. I think that small businesses in the UK and indeed Worldwide contribute to the more interesting side of commerce & services. But rather than just using this weekend as a way of drumming up new customers I would like to show that a small business can give something back and actually have an incredibly positive impact on our community.

So Stolen Goat has teamed up with Crisis – a superb charity that lends a helping hand to homeless people all year round. At this time of year, whilst we are all enjoying our warm Christmas grub inside our cosy houses, thousands of people are roaming the streets – cold and hungry. Crisis will be giving them some hearty food to enjoy but more importantly this charity helps homeless people to escape the cycle that they are stuck in by providing skills, housing, employment and various other services. Go ahead and take a look at the various aspects to their support here.

How will Stolen Goat make a difference?

We have pledged to donate 21.84% of our revenue (not just our profits) generated over the coming weekend to Crisis. At this time of year donations go towards giving a homeless person:

  • A hot Christmas meal
  • A hot shower and clean clothes
  • A place to stay for the night
  • A health check to make sure they are well
  • Housing and job advice

This all comes in at £21.84 per person. So collectively we could have a real impact to lots of people this Christmas.

In short – for every £100 spent with Stolen Goat this weekend – another person in need of a little help gets this fantastic service and support. It’s a win-win situation

Show your support

As well as purchasing items it would be tremendous if you could share this post with as many people as possible. I appreciate you may not have the spare cash to buy anything yourself this weekend but sharing costs nothing. You know what to do.