VIDEO: Nisnas Industries Bags & Fenders

Nisnas Industries are a new startup company based in Israel. They make absolutely beautiful wood & leather bags and wooden fenders for Bromptons and road bikes. All made by hand with a meticulous level of detail and superior craftsmanship.

This small company first became known to the World via a kickstarter project that took off and quickly reached its funding target of $30,000. Nisnas Industries started a community based project that helps develop skills in the local community, kinda like a youth centre that focuses on teaching youngsters how to build and maintain bicycles!

Nisnas Industries handmade wooden fenders for Bromptons

Community is the ethos behind the entire project and every product they make, they try to source as much as they can locally – be it the leather for the bags or the mahogany and pine for the fenders, notepads and bags.

I’d love to say this is why we decided to stock their products but the truth is I didn’t know about this until after I ordered the stock. I chose to stock their range because, well, it is simply beautiful and I have never seen anything like it before – especially with the bags.

If you buy a Nisnas Industries product, you’ll get a great item that has character and individuality but you’ll also be helping the quaint little community in Israel grow that little bit bigger and better. We think that’s pretty cool!

See their products here