Stolen Goat 3.0 Goes Live!

Yes believe it or not this is our third incarnation of the website. We are a new company, deeply embedded in cycling but with a passion for agile technology development too. As such, we will not stand still – improvements can always be made, so if you are someone who doesn’t like change, this may not be the best company to follow.

Hopefully the new design is even more pleasing on the eye. But that’s not the only reason for the epic update, here is a little run down of the new features:

Enhanced Usability for all devices

We are living in the age of the smartphone, no-one can deny that. Whilst the old site was mobile friendly to a degree, this version has some lovely features which should make browsing on your pocket super computer a little easier including:

  • Better menu structure – you get a nice little side menu so you can access everything that you can on a desktop quickly and easily.
  • Swipe-able images… I’m not sure if swipe-able is a real term but you catch my drift hopefully. On your mobile or tablet (or even your desktop) you can drag product images across to load the next one. Much like you view the photos on your mobile device. Nifty
  • Speed search – there are more search boxes littered around the site and most of them have predictive mechanisms in to guess what you are looking for to save on typing
  • Faster – whether you’re on a mobile or desktop – you deserve speed and you’re gonna get it. We have improved the speed of the site (which was already greased lightning). Enjoy.


This might not seem like a big deal but it was kinda broken in the last version of the website. Essentially you had to checkout as a guest before. Now you can create an account easily at the checkout stage and next time you shop all your billing and shipping details will be pre-populated. Again this helps you across all devices – we all hate typing our address in right.

facebook connect

Connect with facebook! If creating an account at checkout is too labour intensive (you just need to supply a password), you can now connect as a user via Facebook. Simply go to the registration page and you’ll see a great big Facebook button. Hopefully you should know what to do after that :-)


wishlist example

So, you can now add items to a wishlist. You’ll notice the main product images have a little heart shape in the top right hand corner. Click it and it will add the product to a wishlist. This works best if you have an account, so register first if you’re having difficulties.


The menu system has been upgraded somewhat. So when you are browsing the main shop or one of the categories you’ll notice there are the main categories listed down the side as well as a price filter and also a brand filter.

You can also search by brand in the main menu if you are after a specific brand that we stock.

You’ll also notice that the main navigation bar running along the top follows you down the page as you scroll so you don’t need to scroll up to navigate to a different page.


This design has an awful lot of scope for more features, just a case of someone (me) getting around to unleashing them. All good things come to those who wait I guess :-)