You may have noticed that we recently stocked a lot of new cycling caps, mostly all from cycling cap specialists Walz. I would like to give you some insight into how we choose our products here on Stolen Goat and why, in this case we went for Walz cycling caps.

The Situation

We stock various garments that focus on cycling. Some are technical performance based apparel and others, like the t-shirts, are more about lifestyle.

But every cyclist is well aware of the cycling cap. They are a quirky little cap that is highly specific to our sport. They can be worn on or off the bike, they keep your head warm and dry and keep the Sun and rain out of your eyes. So it is vital that Stolen Goat has a selection of cycling caps on offer for new and expert cyclists alike .

The Problem

There are masses of cycling caps on the market. Literally 100’s if not 1000’s of designs. Stolen Goat, as well you know, is still a very young company. As such, we simply don’t have the budget to buy up 100’s of different ranges of cycling caps.

So how do we choose?

In some ways being a small business has some real advantages. We know that we can only afford to go with one or two brands max in this category. Therefore we know that it is impossible to please everyone. Once you realise that you can’t cater for everyone design wise, it becomes a matter of quality and versatility and value.

The Solution: Go With Quality

walz cap grey black wool racing stripe

Walz are exceptional at what they do. All they do is make cycling caps and they have been doing so for nearly 10 years. The materials, stitching and fit of the cycling caps they produce are simply fantastic.

They make wool caps as well as moisture wicking caps so all types of riding are covered. The caps are exceptional value for money because they are so well made and have a distinctive look and feel.

By stocking Walz cycling caps, I knew that even if the designs are not to everyones taste – those who choose to buy will fall in love with the quality.

I would rather give joy to 10 people than sell something OK to 1000 mildly satisfied people. Hopefully that is how we will make a name for ourselves.

You can see our current stock of Walz cycling caps here.

If you’re interested: this quirky little video heavily features Walz cycling caps. Be warned though, it does include a rather large beard.