Enough of the chitter chatter, it’s time to put tyre to tarmac, foot to pedal and stats to Strava.

In case you didn’t know Stolen Goat has a Strava Club – 100 Goats – which you can join here. So here is our very first Strava based competition. I’m not sure how prolific Strava competitions are so this is somewhat experimental it has to be said.

Here is the plot, you join the club, ride all week long and then if we collectively hit an elevation goal of 45960 feet (14010 metres) then 3 people in the club will win a Stolen Goat Team Jersey.

Currently, there aren’t many people in the Club. This is good and bad, it means you have an excellent chance of winning a jersey but we have to work much harder as a group to meet the elevation goal.

Why 45,960 feet???

Goat Mountain Vancouver

It’s quite a specific elevation isn’t it? Well here’s the reasoning… there are currently 10 members in 100 Goats, so effectively it’s like each of us climbing 4596 feet in a week. You will all know that Goat Mountain in Vancouver is precisely 4596 ft so we each have to climb Goat Mountain :-)

Of course, if more people join the club it gets easier but it should be manageable with some effort.

All done!

The competition has now finished. Thanks to everyone who took part, in the end we collectively climbed well over 110,000 feet!!! Far more than double the challenge requirements (noted for future competitions).

You can of course still join the club where you can virtually cycle amongst like minded people. Check it out here – http://app.strava.com/clubs/100-goats