Let’s face it, most of us (OK all of us) cannot climb the Pyrenees like some kind of Columbian Mountain Goat.

Watching the Tour de France makes me realise just how lame I am at climbing, but hey – it’s what cycling is all about. We all “hate” hills and yet we all seek them out, we try and find the steepest sportives and go in search of those precious Strava KOMs. Go figure.

The way I see it, to climb like a Mountain Goat – you need to seek out your inner Goat. Chances are you will never quite reach this higher state – even if you ride in the jersey, wear the t-shirt and carry the bag wherever you go. But there is one thing you can do…

Join our Strava Club

We have just created 100 Goats – probably the World’s greatest Strava Club (disclaimer: we have no evidence to support this). You are cordially invited to join and together we will take over the World one KOM / QOM at a time – Stolen Goat style.

Once logging your precious miles with us we guarantee you will be happier, fitter, friendlier, more appealing to the opposite sex and definitely a more rounded individual. Your cycling will probably be unaffected though. We may even have the odd competition / random giveaway ;-)

Note: it is not a requirement to wear the Stolen Goat Team Jersey to join the Strava club but you will look 138% more heroic whilst riding if you do.