It’s not often we review a cycling jersey that we stock, or any item that we stock for that matter. But I have been personally riding with the Alpe Deux Merino Wool Jersey for the last few rides and I simply can’t get enough of it.

When you first unwrap it, you can feel that it isn’t like normal jerseys. It is slightly heavier for a start due to the fact it is 100% merino and not a merino blend like Sports Wool etc. But the weight has no real implications on its function, and actually I found that a little extra mass keeps it in place better whilst on the bike.

It is super soft to the touch, and the stitching is first class. Make no mistakes, Alpe Deux is a brand new company and this is the first (and only) product on offer. 6 Months of graft has gone into developing this jersey and it shows.

The Alpe Deux jersey is slightly longer than the normal jersey – this is one of my favourite features to be honest. I am relatively tall and of a slim build so short fitting jerseys look very geeky on me. Sizing is spot on, a medium fits me perfectly which is what I normally ride in. I would call it a relaxed club fit.

There are pockets where you expect to find pockets but with real buttons. These don’t hinder in any way as you don’t have to do them up if you don’t want to. They look great and I think it’s a lovely touch on a jersey of this nature.

This jersey encompasses all the great qualities of merino wool garment – odour resistant, good thermal regulation properties, quick drying, very comfortable – and looks great.

I’d happily wear this off the bike in a cafe or bar, but most of all I love wearing it on the bike. Top marks, I’m eager to see what Alpe Duex come up with next.

More details on the Alpe Deux Merino Jersey can be found here.