Stolen Goat found by cyclists at Bike Blenheim Palace

Stolen Goat At Bike Blenheim Palace 2012


Two whole days after officially launching Stolen Goat I found myself at Blenheim Palace setting up a 4.5 metre by 3 metre marquee ready for 15,000+ cyclists to roll by and take a look at what we have to offer. Daunting, tiring, exciting.

As the inaugural Stolen Goat exhibition I had no idea what to expect. The 2 day cycling festival blew me away. The [highlight]exhibitor village was extremely well run[/highlight], the weather was absolutely stunning (sometimes a little too stunning, especially in a black tent), but above all the characters that passed by were a delight to be amongst.

Thank you so much to all those that stopped to take a look, to talk to me and to buy some of our products. I was overwhelmed that our best selling item was our very own Stolen Goat Mountain Track Organic T-Shirt (hat tip to logo designer Anthony Oram from Hold). This does mean that some of the sizes and colours are now low on stock… these are limited edition tees so grab yourself one whilst we still have them!

Thanks as well to my neighbouring exhibitors who helped me throughout the weekend in various ways. I’ve never met a friendlier bunch. Special thanks to Chris from Swrve who taught me the Japanese T-Shirt folding technique… I calculated that he has [highlight]saved me about 3 days of my life[/highlight] in terms of time and a whole heap of frustration. Thanks to Purple Harry too for cleaning my Donhou Bike so meticulously (even if you did use it to generate 58,000 sales).

Above all, [highlight]a big thanks to Ellen Stewart, normally a set designer, who designed and helped me set up the Stolen Goat stand[/highlight]. It got a lot of love and rightly so!

For those of you who saw and loved the Light Skin seat posts and placed a pre-order, [highlight]they will be arriving on Saturday[/highlight], so all going well you will receive them next week,

Next stop for Stolen Goat is Eurobike, where we hope to find some new goodies for UK cyclists to get excited about. Until then, we still have plenty of to look at, and some new additions will be arriving in the coming days.

More pictures of Bike Blenheim Palace 2012 can be seen on the Vulpine Blog.